# 44 – A cut above

Now that the year is practically finished, it’s getting a bit more difficult to find new things to do each week, but I’m finding that quite exciting because it’s forcing me to get out there and look for something new in my life.

This past week has been extremely busy both at work and on the social front so it’s been difficult to find time to look for, and then squeeze in, something new. However, a while back, RB had given me a list of things that I wrote down and have been trying to tick them off as the year has progressed… and this week I had to turn to that list for some inspiration.guinea-pig

It was time to cut someone’s hair!

And RB was my guinea pig!

Guinea Pig:  

1. Any of various small, stocky, short-eared rodents of the genus Cavia of South America, having no visible tail. Thedomesticated species C. porcellus is widely kept as a pet and is used in biomedical research.
2. Informal: A person who is used as a subject for experimentation or research.


So off I went to her house one evening after work, having absolutely no idea what to think about the task that lay ahead.

I arrived, we had a little bit of chit-chat while she got ready – jug of water, scissors, towel, comb – and then we headed off to the ‘salon’ (the spare room 😉 )

And just like a professional I got straight into it – wetting the ends of her hair to ensure a neat, straight cut. I picked up the scissors and started cutting… and one minute later I was done!

In action!

In action!

Boy was that a let down. We both sat there, completely dumbfounded at how simple that was, and utterly confused at how we thought it would be so much more than that! So we had to do more! It could not end just like that!

After some laughing and the confusion dying down a bit, I picked up the scissors, played with her fringe / bangs a little bit and tried my best at ‘feathering’ her hair around her face.



This lasted another 30 seconds.

And then my time of playing hairdresser had come to an end.

We sat around chatting for a bit more until her hubby came home and his first question was “So did you cut her hair?” I pretended to panic while she unclipped it… and he couldn’t even tell that we’d done anything to it!

At least now RB’s hair is minus any split ends, it’ll feel a touch healthier (and shorter), and she saved a whack of money by having me cut her hair free of charge and fully inclusive of giggles 😉


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