# 43 – Absolutely nothing

It’s happened – a week where I can’t even scrape the barrel to try get something new together… so instead of giving you something new, here’s a round up of my past week.

Desert Warrior Challenge on Friday, followed by poolside drinks, and then followed by a girls Halloween dinner.

Poolside drinks :)

Poolside drinks 🙂

Girls Halloween dinner :)

Girls Halloween dinner 🙂

South Africa being knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by New Zealand in an extremely tense, brilliant game – final score NZ 20 – 18 RSA

** Image taken from RWC app

** Image taken from RWC app

Woke up with a nasty head cold on Sunday, dragged myself to work but eventually gave up at about 2pm and went home to sleep… no house mates to keep me company though as they’re travelling so had to get cuddles from the kittens 🙂

Monday saw another day of feeling yuck and got sent home by my boss – another day on the couch, napping with the kittens 🙂

And that was about it!

Next week is already looking to provide some new things in my life, so watch this space for the post 🙂


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