# 41 – Provocateur

harrumph and bah humbug. Another week has gone by where nothing very interesting has happened in my ‘something new’ world. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough, but then there’s also that little maybe that sometimes life is just plain sailing and you need some time to be boring šŸ˜‰

Well, I scraped the barrel again for this week’s something new. Don’t get me wrong though – Provocateur does not scrape any barrel, but as far as my list goes, well, going to Provocateur wasn’t planned as something new for the week (it was a very last minute decision to go there) and therefore there are no photos and not much to tell about it. Boo.

My friend J messaged me last minute on Sunday evening asking me to join him and a bunch of his mates, and when he told me that they were only meeting around 11:30 pm, although I was hesitant because I’m normally curled up and asleep by that hour, I was also interested in going because I always like to try out new places, and the timing worked perfectly for me to have a shower after kickboxing and head up there to join them.

So, what can I say about one of the newest clubs in Dubai?

  1. They’ve spared no expense at decorating the place – it’s amazing
  2. The music is fantastic
  3. The waiters who look after each table are not only attentive, but they get involved in your group and make themselves a part of it… you want to be up and dancing with them and having shots out of plastic condiment dispensers šŸ˜‰
  4. Sundays mean nothing to them – I went on a Sunday night and it was packed! The club only opens at 11 pm (normally my bed time!) and it thumps until about 3 am when they close up for the night morning

Table reservations are advised because if you don’t have a reservation they don’t really have places, other than a crowded bar, where one can put a drink/handbag down while dancing the night away.

I’ve taken a photo from Google just to show you the inside of this place – gorgeous!

Provocateur Dubai (SEXEE) 6

I will definitely be going back there when there’s more planning on my side, for example, not driving next time so that I can enjoy a few drinks!


3 thoughts on “# 41 – Provocateur

  1. I’m not much on nightlife, but this place looks coool. But I would not leave to go at that hour! News from Abu Dhabi: I was in one of those 10-car pile ups a few weeks ago. I was not at fault. My car was totaled. I’m now driving a new one. I’m not happy about it. My old car was four years old, with only 50k km and looked and acted brand new.


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