# 39 – Not a slip ‘n slide

What a fail of a week for something new 😦

A group of us booked tickets for the Dubai City Slide – the hottest new water slide in town! The event was being held on Friday and Saturday; we booked tickets for Saturday. On Friday, we started reading reports of people who were there on Friday and it was a total shambles!

The slides weren’t inflated properly, there wasn’t enough water, not enough shade, children getting hurt, children passing out, having to walk more than a kilometer to reach the slide (while carrying blow up rings etc.), lack of entertainment that was promised…. etc.

We kept in touch with our group and agreed to see what the reports for Saturday were, on Saturday.

Saturday morning rolls around and we read that all Friday ticket holders who did not want a refund could then go on Saturday and use the same time slot that they’d booked for on the Friday. Enter panic.

We decided then to rather skip the whole ordeal (again following reports of people actually there saying it was once again a nightmare), and chose to apply for a refund instead.

Another Dubai event fail.

Which meant that my something new for the week didn’t happen… so instead I’ll just put together a few bits and bobs of things we did over the week (we had a 5-day weekend thrown in for Eid al Adha), but unfortunately I don’t have many photos because I wasn’t expecting things to go so wrong 😦

So, what did I actually do that was ‘new’?

Thursday we visited a hotel pool; not a new concept to me, but it was a hotel I’ve not yet been to in Dubai – The Double Tree by Hilton, JBR.

What a fabulous day it was lying in the sun, frolicking in the water, catching up on a bit of reading and just generally enjoying the company of great friends.

Double Tree by Hilton, JBR

Double Tree by Hilton, JBR

Friday we tried out a new brunch – Spirito in Media One hotel. It’s a Brazilian themed brunch and scores highly on our list of must-go-back-to places! It was fabulous! The food was scrumptious, the dancer girls were great fun, and just in general the afternoon was awesome!

We’ve also just taken in 6 kittens to foster (which means 10, TEN! cats in the house) until they are a bit older so that they can be adopted. They are the cutest little ratbags in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spots, Spot, Big Spot, Dora (clockwise, starting at the top)

Spots, Spot, Big Spot, Dora (clockwise, starting at the top)





The ratbags playing with the snake toy 🙂


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