Temperatures decrease – distances increase

Finally this past week the temperatures and humidity have dropped ever so slightly and what a difference it makes! We’re still sitting in the mid thirties in the evenings, and humidity is often above 70%, but just those few degrees cooler in the evenings means that when you walk outside your clothes don’t immediately stick to you, and I’m finally feeling better on the roads!

My 1000 Mile challenge has had a very slow start – I’m sitting at only 13% completed in 1.5 months, but after this past week I can see that this will change quite rapidly!

Last night’s run was absolutely fabulous – just short of 7 km’s (6.9 to be exact – wish I’d looked at my GPS before stopping!) and a great pace the whole way through. Almost perfect negative splits except for the 6th km which was straight into some serious head wind.

Living in JVC is giving me tons of area to explore by foot on reasonably safe roads – unfortunately there are no pavements to run on so it literally is in the road, but the roads are 2 lanes wide which give me enough space to stick right on the edge and leave plenty of room for cars to pass by me. There are also a bunch of parks that have opened / are opening up and they all offer paved areas to run on. There’s also running the circumference as an option – it’s approximately 9km’s according to google maps 🙂

I’ve started entering a few races for the season to keep me motivated – some new challenges and interesting ones coming up! I’m looking forward to sharing the details once I’ve finished them 🙂

Race season – here I come!

morgan freeman run


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