Alice in The Act

Where do I start? I am battling to put into words just how amazing, incredible, funny, brilliant etc., etc., etc. last night’s show at The Act was!!

A few weeks ago a friend told me about this dinner show at The Act – the theme, Alice in Wonderland. She put together an event and we ended up being a group of 7 girls last night to go watch the show and delve into the depths of the rabbit hole.

‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ is the tag line of the show… and boy do they mean it! They have thought of everything from simply hanging pictures upside down like it is down the rabbit hole, to handing out drinks pre-show in the form of a blue ‘pill’ (the fun drink) or the red ‘pill’ (the safe drink).

It is absolutely non-stop from the second you get out of the elevator until the second you depart the venue.

The food was scrumptious and plentiful – we were bordering on full before we were even shown to our table! And we still had main course to go! The pre-show cocktails were flowing (and yummy) and the entertainment pre-show was brilliant.

And then you enter the rabbit hole and all rules go out the window! From tables disappearing right under your feet to having napkin wars with the Cheshire Cat (and him stealing my cake just as I’m about to take a bite)! The performers are all outstanding and they make the night superb! The Act takes the dinner show concept and smashes it right out of the stadium theater restaurant!

JPEG’s comment for the night was “I’ve been in Dubai 10 years and this is probably the best night I’ve ever had.”

Professional photos are not allowed so I wasn’t able to take my DSLR with me, however we all took a bunch of photos on our phones… and without giving too much of the night away, here are a few that I can share with you.

Do yourself a favour and get down to Shangri La on Sheikh Zayed Road and watch Alice! The show ends next week and will then be replaced by another theme… and we were told by the hostess that Alice is the best show she’s seen at The Act! Hurry, hurry, hurry – don’t be late like the rabbit!

** Disclaimer: This review is entirely my own opinion. I was not requested to write nor compensated in any way for writing this review.


2 thoughts on “Alice in The Act

  1. awwww man, I been wanting to go to this since I saw their adverts for it!!! Jeoloussss!!!! I was hunting everywhere for deals hahaha… hey is it a set menu? When does it finish? I’m away form Dubai right now… I’m going to miss it I think !!!! 😦


    • Yup, sadly you’ll miss it – the last show is Wednesday 16th 😦
      It’s a set menu but they cater for certain tastes (there were 3 of us at the table who don’t eat fish so we were given steak instead). Excellent value for money too! I’ve heard that their regular show is excellent too so you should still try that one!


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