# 35 – Toy Brunch

It was time for a girlie day out – leave the boys at home (or wherever they feel like being) and gather the girls for a spot of brunch!

We chose Toy, the new-ish brunch held at China Grill at the Westin hotel. The reason – I was told that it was awesome fun, and had fun characters walking around all day. And silliness like that appeals to my inner child 😉

So, I rounded up a group of girls and off we went to Toy Brunch this past weekend.

And I am so thrilled to say that it did not disappoint!

I arrived at about 1:20pm (brunch starts at 1:30pm) and was not even allowed to the table. They’re pretty firm in only opening up the doors at 1:30pm, so if you’re an eager beaver or on-time kind of person like I am, rather spend a few extra minutes at home fixing your make up and don’t get there early! But be warned that if you’re there at 1:30pm you’ll likely have to queue for a couple of minutes while all the early-birds make their way in first 😉

And be prepared for full-on as soon as you step foot inside. The restaurant is dark except for a dim lights – it’s like walking into a club. For us this was fabulous because we were in total party mood… but I don’t suggest going there on a first date, or if you plan on having some serious chit-chat with the people at your table. The music is pumping, it’s fantastic and by the end of the afternoon everyone, and I mean everyone, was up and dancing around their tables 🙂

The food is all asian-inspired finger food that is brought to the table… the only times you ever have to leave your table at this brunch are for the toilet, or for dancing… and then to go home at the end. The food is constantly being replenished on your table by very friendly waiters, and of course your glass never gets less than half.

I highly recommend this brunch for a wild afternoon out; something different to Saffron (which is still one of my favourites). It has an excellent vibe about the afternoon and you leave there buzzing on food, drink and atmosphere!

I took a whack of photos on the day but have chosen only a few to give you a taster… go on, I know you want to! (Click on any of the pictures to open up a slideshow) 

*** DISCLAIMER – China Grill are not aware that I am blogging about my experience there. This is entirely my own opinion and I was not requested to blog about, nor was I compensated for blogging about my experience there. 


2 thoughts on “# 35 – Toy Brunch

  1. hahahaha I see they got a minion now !!!! That wasn’t there when we went!

    Yea I agree it’s not for a first date or to chit chat ay… it’s so loud. When I went there it was just the 4 of us so it wasn’t all too bad, you could still hear each other..but I can imagine if you girls got a large group !


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