# 34 – Aquaventure

This past weekend a friend of mine wanted to go to Aquaventure as part of her birthday celebrations. I am a pretty big fan of waterparks, and since I had never been to Aquaventure I jumped at the opportunity to join her.

We rounded up a small group of 5 girls and headed off to the park (after hopping online and buying our Resident Rate day passes a couple of days prior).

For it being the middle of summer and pretty hot outside (temperatures sitting at around 42°C), it was surprisingly busy – we waited in the queue on arrival for approximately 20 minutes, and this was with our pre-purchased online tickets! But then again it is a waterpark and the water was cooled to an absolutely perfect temperature!

We headed to the lockers to dump our phones and valuables away, and then roamed around for a few short minutes trying to find a spot to dump our towels and few bits and bobs, and then headed straight for the rides!

It was here again that we realised how full the place was, even though it didn’t feel very full – the queues for the rides were a little bit of a wait, but thankfully nothing too stressful and they did keep moving.

We spent an impressive 5 hours at the park, almost all of that time being spent in the water, on the rides 🙂 We had a short break for lunch (pizza!) but other than that it was all swim, swim, swim!

The rides are great fun and it’s a fabulous day out… but just beware the strictness of the lifeguards, and make sure you know which rides you want to go on, or have someone with you who’s been there before.

We were a bit frustrated that the lifeguards refused to let me use a double tube on the lazy river, even though it was almost impossible to find single tubes… and it’s the LAZY RIVER! I can understand that on some of the rides they have to be strict because of the possibility of the tube flipping etc., but on the lazy river?!

And there were NO signboards around the park telling you where you were, what rides were around you, or how to get to any rides. It was a case of ‘walk and find out’. We found this a little bit frustrating, but overlooked it and had a great afternoon regardless.

If you’re a UAE resident, I highly recommend buying your ticket online prior to arrival. Even though there wasn’t much difference upon arriving – both online and pay-on-arrival queues were busy – it does save you a whack of cash. You’re not allowed to take any of your own food or drink in, and once inside the food is not necessarily on the cheaper side.


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