# 32 – Dinner and a show

Silly, silly me for not taking my camera out of my handbag last night!!

I don’t know about any of you, but last night was definitely a first for me – a dinner show. And at Pacha to top it off!


The dinner show concept is quite simple – you eat dinner at tables that are set up around a stage, and you watch a live performance of varying themes.

Pacha’s show is called Deception – it involves a magician, dancers, a singer and an acrobat who can do the most incredible things with her body.

And silly me did not take her camera out of her handbag to document any of this!!! It just didn’t feel right, especially since we were literally right in front of the stage and looking straight into the performers eyes on more than one occasion.

But without having to worry about taking photos, I got to enjoy the show from start to finish – and what a show it was!

The venue was very quiet when we arrived, and stayed that way for almost the entire show. It unfortunately didn’t have much atmosphere because of being quiet, but the show was outstanding and it very quickly made you forget that the venue was quiet.

We got stuck into the food and drinks immediately, and made our way through a large amount of the menu… it was scrumptious! A touch on the pricey side (AED45 for veggie dumplings, AED295 for a 200g wagyu steak – with no sides), but when you consider the taste and the fact that you’re enjoying this fantastic show while you eat, it was well worth it! We managed to gobble down 4 starters, and each had a main course… we skipped the dessert and chose to have another drink instead 😉

The service was top notch – the waiters were always right there when you needed them, always with a smile on their faces, and almost always going as far as lighting cigarettes for everyone as soon as it gets popped in your mouth (** I don’t smoke but I saw this happen to everyone who does smoke). Thanks to Jurgen (Jurgo, maybe?) for looking after us 🙂

The show runs for approximately 2 hours, and once it’s done you’re politely asked to leave the stage area and the place turns into a full-on nightclub – great music and packed with party people enjoying a Tuesday night out.

If you’ve not been and you’re looking for something different to do indoors in Dubai while summer scorches outside, then I highly recommend getting yourself to Pacha’s dinner show – it ends mid-August so you’ve only got a few days left!

Deception at Pacha, Madinat Jumeirah

Deception at Pacha, Madinat Jumeirah



2 thoughts on “# 32 – Dinner and a show

  1. Nice! 🙂 We went there for their Viva show back in May and it was amazing (have a peek at my writeup on it!) Agree, the food is a bit pricey but delicious, and service was top-notch! Think we might go check out the Deception show now !

    Have you been to The Act? I hear they do pretty cool dinner shows as well there!


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