1000 Mile Challenge

The best way to track my (or anyone’s) running is to publicly talk about what you’re doing – that way you’re at least bound to what you say because someone else is going to want to know how you’re getting on.

NqZMpUH0So, here is my public announcement that I have officially registered for the 1000 Mile Challenge.

This is a challenge to run 1000 miles (~1600 km’s) in one year. There is no official start date – you track yourself for 365 days from the day you choose to start. My official start date was 27 July 2015, so by 26 July 2016 I need to have clocked at least 1000 miles.

It’s been a terribly slow start after the holidays c4d9d6bd4045e4275f608584e5d2eba2and the heat is still a stinker here, but I have managed 4 runs so far. I’m not too worried that it’s been such a slow start because the temperatures are going to start dropping soon, and race season will be upon us, and I will then be getting in some really decent mileage.

So, here’s to me kicking butt this upcoming running season! If you’re up for the challenge, then why not join me?! I have a friend who is going to be doing the challenge too, so get out there and challenge us as well!

Go visit 1000milechallenge.com and register yourself and start logging those miles!



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