# 30 – Walking the cat

Please excuse my tardiness for this post being one day late (I try and publish my ’52 new things’ posts on a Wednesday). I had a great post in mind, however, due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel the plans around that post, which meant that by last night – the plans were set for last night – I didn’t have anything worthy of something new for the week. harrumph 😦

As I lay in bed last night I had in mind something else that would possibly suffice, but then as I set out for my run this morning, that blog post went out the window and I immediately knew what I was going to write about instead.

My cat went for a walk with me this morning!

As I walked out the gate, getting my music started and my endomondo set up for the run, my cat, Seven, decided to hang about. I took a step or 2 forward and he went with me… and I knew then that my run was going to rather be a walk with the cat 🙂

He has done this before, however it was the first time that he’d done it with me – clearly this cat thinks he’s a bit of a dog 🙂




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