Los Angeles

My sister and I spent 4 days in Los Angeles. We stayed in an area called Little Tokyo which was a lovely quiet suburb, south of Downtown LA. It doesn’t have a huge amount going for it but we thoroughly enjoyed knowing that after a full day of the bustling Hollywood, Universal Studios etc., that we’d come back to the hotel and have peace and quiet. It was super!

We were in LA over 4th of July and the hotel concierge told us that they were having a street party with a band, fireworks, music etc., so we decided to do that. We spent the day in Hollywood that day and had been offered a big party that night, but we stuck to our guns of going to the street party because live music sounded awesome, and it was right by the hotel so no need to worry about taxi’s getting home etc.

But boy were we in for a big surprise!

The area had a whack of road closures for the party, and they set up little entrance ‘gate’ type areas. It was free to get in, but they were checking people for bringing in any personal food and drinks. And cigarettes. Yes, they stopped my sister from bringing in her cigarettes! We had to walk back to hotel, hide a few in our bags, and head back.

Once inside it looked pretty cool so we walked around a bit, looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. The queues were all pretty long in one area, and we noticed that there were no signs for bars / beer anywhere. So we kept walking. And found the same thing in the next area! Not one place to buy a beer. Not one! We overheard some girls complaining about the lack of alcoholic drinks being available… so at least it wasn’t only us!

Well, we decided to make the most of it, grab a hot dog and enjoy the fireworks.

And again were a bit disappointed 😦 Yes, maybe we’re spoiled by the fireworks that we get here in Dubai, but there really wasn’t much to the fireworks display that was put on. As soon as it finished we headed out of the ‘street party’ area, found a bar and had a couple of beers. What a disappointing Fourth of July party!

Obviously being in LA for 4 days we got to see a lot of other stuff… I won’t go into much detail here otherwise you’ll be reading all day! So, basically, here’s what we got up to:

  • Tour of the Stars’ houses and Hollywood
  • Visit Santa Monica and Venice Beach
  • Universal Studios (full day)
  • Hop-on Hop-off tour around LA
  • Lots of riding on the subway
  • Lots of walking
  • A 4th of July Street party

And here is a small collection of the many, many photos I took. Enjoy 🙂

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