New York, New York

The city that’s so wonderful they named it twice 🙂

My sister and I spent 4 days in New York. We booked the 4 days through Contiki, however most of the time there was spent on our own… except for the odd time when we met up with the tour group, had dinner with them, collected subway tickets etc.

New York is massive! If you plan on seeing a huge amount of it, then 4 days is definitely not enough, however, we managed to see and do a suitably large amount of things in our time there.

So, what did we do?

  • Half day city tour
  • Went up the Empire State Building (at night)
  • Broadway show (A Gentleman’s guide to Love and Murder – I highly recommend this!)
  • Times Square (numerous times, including the tour ‘group’ photo)
  • Walked A LOT
  • Cycled in Central Park
  • Visited Brooklyn
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • I went for a run
  • ‘Sex & the City’ tour (I HIGHLY rate this whether you’re a big fan or not – although not really recommended for guys – as it shows you some interesting parts of the city, and you get to enjoy some delicious cupcakes and cosmos on the tour 🙂 )
  • Became pro’s at using the subway system
  • Got lost on the subway system
  • Went to a baseball game
  • Ate pizza (tried a pretzel and did not enjoy it!)
  • Visited Lady Liberty
  • Visited the 9/11 memorial

And because we did so many things, I took many, many, many photos! I’ve tried to pick out some of the best ones for you to enjoy and have put them below in a slideshow for you! I’m not going to go into huge detail of what we did as it’s just too much info – I’m sure my stories will crop up in my many photo challenges and further blog posts, so keep reading! Enjoy the photos 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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