# 29 – Running around USA

So, this particular week is a little bit of a cheat – it didn’t happen in the actual week that I’m posting about, but let’s just pretend I never said that, OK?!

While we were away on our extended tour around the U S of A, I managed to get in 2 runs. Ashamedly yes, only 2 runs in that entire period… but if you’ve ever been on a Contiki Tour (or any kind of organised tour with a group) then you’ll understand when I say that there is often very little time to yourself (other than sightseeing times) to do these kinds of things. Had I been travelling on my own then I would possibly have found a bit of extra time here and there, but since this was a sister holiday and I wanted to spend as much time catching up and having random conversations with my sister as I could, I would choose to do that (or nap) instead of going for a run.

But the 2 runs that I did manage to go for were fab, although the times will not look like it!

In both cases I was battling against traffic lights that take FOREVER to change, and it was only after the end of the second one that I thought about ‘chasing’ the lights. Oh well. Next time 😉

My first run took place in New York City:

New York City run

New York City run


The second one was in LA, around the area we stayed in, Little Tokyo. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos on this one… sorry!

Los Angeles run

Los Angeles run


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