# 24 – Wadi Adventure Al Ain

A day of fun in the sun with friends!

A very small group of us (3 in total!) headed out to Al Ain’s Wadi Adventure for a day this past weekend.

With it being summer, the park was not very full (I know, sounds ridiculous right?!) but we made the most of the day anyway! It certainly saved us time on any potential waiting times at any of the activities;)

During summer they offer an adventure package which includes the giant swing, ziplining, airpark and white water rafting. My friends chose to do the ziplining and airpark while I lazed about in the sun (none of us did the giant swing), and then we all did the white water rafting.

The white water rafting was by far the highlight of the day. Although it’s ‘monotonous’, in that you go around a small area a few times, it is huge fun, and you never know what the water is going to do… so each time you go around it’s actually different. And a little bit scary at times when the boat almost flips over!

The park also offers other activities such as surfing, a wave pool, a family pool, kayaking and wall climbing, and they will happily cater to groups or corporate events if you wish.

If you’re looking for a different kind of day out then I definitely recommend giving Wadi Adventure a try – it’s not as busy or overwhelming as parks such as Wild Wadi or Yas Waterworld, but it certainly is good fun!

The following photos were taken by the photographers at Wadi Adventure:


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