Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-season

Talk about a hard topic! I think these photo challenges are getting harder and harder each week – but I suppose that’s what makes them challenging, hey?! Certainly makes me use my brain a little bit (and gives me lots of opportunities to go through photos time and again, reminisce or just look at photos that I haven’t in ages 🙂 )

This week’s photo challenge is off-season. I’ve always wanted to a Christmas in July party which would have been absolutely perfect for this… but of course I’ve never actually had one so I had to do some searching through photos for these ones.

Dubai is not known for being a rainy place although we do get a little bit of rain around the beginning of the year – January, February-ish. A couple of years ago I was at the Rugby 7’s (December) when the heavens decided to open and we got absolutely flooded! It made for a very interesting day at the rugby, and it brought out some amazing colours in the sky as the sun was setting!

And my second photo that I was able to dig out is from when I was on one of my many visits to Kurdistan a couple of years ago… in the middle of winter, it was about 3 °C, I decided that I HAD TO have a soft serve ice cream because I was told by the guys on site that it’s the best ice cream north of the equator (and ice cream is my absolute weakness in life!)


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