# 23 – Open mic night at Wings and Rings

Last night I joined the Phoenix football team at their end of season social event. I’m kinda an honourary team member (cough, cough) because I attend lots of events, watch games, and live with the Captain, JPEG 😉 There’s also a huge joke that I’m their fill-in goalie (I have to point out here that I’d probably run away if a ball had to come flying at me!) and I was presented with a medal last night, just like the rest of the actual team 🙂


We’ve visited Wings & Rings on a few occasions before, but last night was the first time we’d been there on a Tuesday, and they had an open mic night for musicians.

What an enjoyable and different night it was! Although some of the acts needed to do a bit of fine tuning on their skills, the rest of them were hugely enjoyable and entertaining.

I’ve never been to an open mic night, either here in UAE or anywhere else for that matter, so it was a very new experience for me. I have to take my hat off to some of the not-so-brilliant performers for having the guts to get on the stage and keep performing even when you can surely see that the crowd is not enjoying your act.

Of course the food was delicious as it always is at Wings & Rings…. and when the waitresses and manager recognise you from being there a few nights ago, the night has an added… what should I call it… atmosphere to it 🙂

If you’re a musician wanting to get heard, I recommend contacting these guys, or BreakTHRough to get a set in.

And if you’re hungry and looking for the best chicken wings in Dubai (on the planet) then I most definitely recommend you visit Wings & Rings in Liberty House, DIFC.

Here are a few random pics from the night… enjoy 🙂

** Disclaimer – the views and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and I was in no way sponsored or asked to blog about my experience.


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