Butternut salad

I have a confession to make…

Since moving into the villa, I have been VERY bad with cooking meals for myself. In fact, I almost never do it anymore. Lazy old habits creep back in way too quickly and dinner quite often consists of egg on toast, peanut butter and jam on toast, 2-minute noodles, microwave dinners, delivery, bottle of wine shared with JP… the list goes on.

But, on the odd occasion I remember that I have stuff in the freezer that can be turned into an actual meal, and I then do something about it… like this butternut salad that I made a few weeks back (ok, I know you’re going to judge me that it was frozen butternut that I simply cooked up, but meh. That’s how it goes 😉 )

Made in South Africa - Butternut & Sweet Potato

Made in South Africa – Butternut & Sweet Potato

It was yet another very simple, throw-together meal that came out absolutely delicious, and very much on the healthy side too 🙂

  1. Follow instructions on the packet to make the butternut and sweet potato
  2. Chop up other chosen ingredients to throw in – I did onion, tomato and beef sausages
  3. Fry them all up
  4. Boil an egg (I had one in the fridge already – I often have boiled eggs lying about in the fridge for healthy snacking)
  5. Put into a bowl
  6. Place egg on top
  7. Season to taste (I used pepper and a bit of Mrs Balls Original chutney)
  8. ENJOY!
Chop them up

Chop them up

Fry them up

Fry them up

Gobble them up

Gobble them up

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