# 18 – Holiday Home for Cliffy

Oh dear, this week is a major stretch at finding something new to talk about… it’s been such a crazy week with friends visiting (not staying with me though), trying to keep up with my running & kickboxing, a hen party, and just life in general (not that I’m complaining though – I wouldn’t change my busy Dubai life!!!)

So, let’s talk about something that is a bit sad, but still completely new to me!

Cliffy went to a holiday home this past week. A friend of mine offered to take him in for approximately 2 weeks to see if maybe, just maybe he would be able to get on with other cats (she has a male cat), and also to give me a bit of a break from all of his crying and my (mostly) sleepless nights.

I dropped him off on Monday night after spending a short while there just to watch how the first hour or so would go – and although there was some hissing at each other, there was almost no physical contact between them. Positive thoughts!

But alas, things have not gone well 😦 Cliffy has become the same cat that he has been in the villa, chasing after poor Charlie and them even getting into a massive fight to the point where my friend has to keep them separated. And it’s only been 2 nights!!!!

I’ll be heading over there tonight to fetch him and bring him back to my room where he’ll stay until we find someone to take him in 😥



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