# 16 – Run for fun

This past week has been exceptionally busy so it’s been quite difficult to find time to do anything new that’s not part of routine, but I have managed to pull something together for you – and it involves running 🙂

I have been really good with my run.every.day challenge recently and it’s fantastic! The best thing about it is that I have the freedom to run how I feel on any particular day and not have to follow a training plan (and feel guilty if I miss a particular run!)

So this week I felt like going for a long run one evening – I knew that I had my nutrition course starting at 10 pm so I thought I’d head out around 8 pm, have enough time to then have a quick shower afterwards and then sit back for the class. On top of that, JP suggested we watch Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 5 when I got home so we did that at 7 pm… timing all worked out perfectly 🙂

I slurped down a gu and headed out the door for my long run – I had planned out a 14 km route, from home, down to Jumeirah Beach Hotel and back.

What a fabulous run it was! The weather felt absolutely perfect (approx 27º C, around 45% humidity, slight breeze) and I was loving every second of it. I hadn’t put a finish time in my head – I just wanted to run… so that’s what I did, with the first few km’s being a nice comfy 6:25-ish on average.

I reached the turn-around point, at the 7 km mark, still feeling incredibly strong, but not wanting to push it because I wasn’t after anything crazy. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot…. the miles (km’s) were just swooshing by me, and the next thing I knew I was doing my km’s in roughly 6:05, without any additional exertion on my side – it was just happening! And I wasn’t going to stop it 🙂

Unfortunately on the way back, I got caught at the lights to cross the road so my 13th km shows a time of 6:17, but it was more like 6:05 or so without the wait at the lights. I was well impressed with myself when I checked my times after the run and I discovered that I ran this just-for-fun run faster than the 14 km’s part of the 10-mile run I did in October last year – even with all my disastrous starts to this year I’m obviously right back on track with my running!


The next night (last night) I scheduled a 30 minute run with a friend, RB, who is following a running program to get her back into running – her ultimate goal is to run a marathon next year (mid year)… she’s trying very hard to get me to join her, but I keep saying NO!

Anyway, we ran around her neck of the woods last night – Downtown Dubai. It was fabulous! Obviously I’ve been there tons of times before, I’ve even run a 10 km race there, but running last night, just the 2 of us on the pavement, was absolutely fabulous! Running past the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel, all the restaurants and coffee shops, walkers, the occasional other runner. Lovely! I was a fool though and I didn’t take any photos on the run, but here’s a fun photo of us that her hubby took before the run, and my running logs for the run (the last 500 meters shows extremely slow compared to the rest of the run because we actually stopped at 30 minutes {which was her target time} and I then said we should carry on jogging slowly until we get home.)

Ready to run!

Ready to run!

IMG_2993     IMG_2994


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