# 14 – Sleepy run

This isn’t going to be the most exciting “something new” that I’ll have this year, but it definitely is new.

I’m not the best morning person (read – I HATE THEM) so being a runner is quite a contradiction… races take place in the early hours of the morning; often you need to get up early before work to fit in a run; it’s cooler to run in the mornings in summer. But I do it because I am a runner and I have to. But when I do, it’s calculated and planned and I make sure that I get to bed early the night before and get in my required hours of sleep. My dinner is carefully thought out, and my breakfast plans too so that I don’t have to waste time in the morning.

That was not to be for me on Tuesday though. Cliffy decided that on this particular night he was going to give me very little chance to sleep and so when he woke me up at 4:30, after only 5 hours of sleep, and did not let me even attempt to sleep again, I decided to get out of the room before I threw a pillow at him.

And so I went for a run, at 5 am!

And it was fabulous 🙂

I obviously didn’t have anything to eat prior to the run and I was a bit concerned that I’d only had 5 hours of sleep up to that point, but I went out there, took it easy and had a great run. Starting to look forward to the 10km race on Friday morning now 🙂

I’m still not sure though if I should be thanking Cliffy for the run or not as I struggled at work the next day from not getting a proper night’s rest 😦 , but at least it was an enjoyable run and gave me something new to try out – get up and run when I cannot sleep 🙂



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