This is Cliffy

Random photo of Cliffy that I took the other day.

Cliffy is still giving huge problems at the house and is still locked in my room practically all the time (any chance he is given of coming out he invariably ends up hunting down the other cats and causing trouble with them), which means that he is still crying at night and I am battling to get my regular sleep. In the past few weeks I would slip into one of the other rooms and get my sleep there… but that house mate is now back from holiday so I’m going to have to think of another plan until we find him a home 😥  😥 He cannot go on being so sad like this, and locked up, for much longer… and unfortunately we don’t have another area in the house where we could put him at nights so that things could be a little easier.

Anyone in Dubai reading this – please pass it on that I need to find him a happy home SOON!

IMG_1185 (1)


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