Mint Leaf of London, Dubai – ladies night review

2 of my friends wanted to try out the new ladies night being held at Mint Leaf of London in Dubai, so of course I joined them – any excuse to have some girlie banter and catch up with my friends 🙂

The ladies night was basic, and the drinks seemed to be heavily watered down, but they were still tasty. As part of the ladies night deal you also get a “food platter”… I was a bit disappointed with this as it consisted of 1 piece of chicken, 1 prawn and a 1 vegetarian thing… all bite size pieces. Although they were extremely tasty, we were actually hungry and wanted a proper meal so we got the menu and although it sounds like it’s going to be yummy Indian food, there was nothing on the menu that was kind of nibbles for us to share and enjoy. The venue is fantastic, but I was having so much fun in the chit chat that I forgot to take any photos… sorry! I would recommend visiting Mint Leaf for their ladies night if you’re after a night of not having to shout above the music, just having a few quiet drinks with friends, and either feel like heavy Indian food to eat or are not hungry.

View from Mint Leaf's balcony

View from Mint Leaf’s balcony

After we’d finished our drinks, we headed to the building next door to Wings and Rings and enjoyed some delicious onion rings, chicken wings and nachos… Monday is Mexican night there and they have drinks deals on until midnight. What a bargain 🙂


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