# 12 – Running journal

When I started running, back in 2009, I printed out a calendar monthly and simply wrote in the mileage that I had run on any given day… bear in mind that this mileage was no more than approximately 3 – 5 km’s at a time, and certainly was not on any sort of regular basis.


Then I got injured after my first half marathon attempt (lesson learned – strength training is very important!!!) and stopped running for a while, and once I started up again, I simply followed a training program that I found online for my running routine.

And then I bought myself an iPhone (not that the brand matters, but it was a proper smartphone, as opposed to the simple Nokia that I was using previously) and I began running with my phone as my music player – prior to this I’d be running with nothing (on the shorter run days, and eventually progressed to a borrowed iPod.)

From there I went a step further and downloaded a running application, endomondo, which could log my miles, calculate pace, measure distance and even monitor heart rate and a bunch of other things if I upgrade to the paid version. I’ve loved my endomondo and enjoy looking back at my runs that are logged, remembering some of the runs in detail and forgetting that some of them had even taken place!

And now I’ve recently read about running journals on 2 different blogs (running on healthy and relentless forward commotion), and so I have decided that it is time to get me a running journal too, especially since I am now going to be running everyday.

I’ve taken the basic idea from relentless forward commotion’s blog and turned it into my own, based on the way I train and what works for me, including things such as my eating routine which stops me from snacking on junk… so here’s the outcome of my running journal which I hope I’ll make an effort to keep it up to date, and continue this into 2016 (and beyond) and watch my running go from strength to strength!



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