# 10 – Football Tournament

Being a South African who grew up watching rugby, football (soccer) has never been high on my list of sports that I enjoy… and then I dated a guy who LOVED Premier League Football, and although going out to watch the matches was mostly a lot of fun, I grew to hate the sound of the football carrying through from the lounge to the bedroom – especially when the games were at midnight, on a week night and I was trying to get my beauty sleep 😦

Fast forward to where I no longer have to hear that noise on a regular basis anymore… but then of course I watched most of the World Cup matches last year 😉 and my group of friends now are all football players – so everything that happens is football, football, football! I went to Nepal with 7 football players, and me. We often joke that I am the mascot of the team 😉 😉

And then this past weekend I went to watch, and take photos at a football tournament – definitely something new for this week!

ipicIt was a Women’s Football Tournament, with 8 teams entering, held out esportsat the UAE Football Association, and sponsored by IPIC and E-Sports. It was great to see so many women out there so heavily in love with the game – it even made me miss team sports just a little bit (but I won’t give up my running!)

It was a really enjoyable morning out (even with the sunburn that we all suffered from the next day) and the intense final made for an excellent way to finish the tournament – Team Loser beating Phoenix 4:3. Well played girls!!!!

Here is a collection of some of the photos I took – I’ve whittled them down from over 400 to just 111 of the good ones for you to enjoy! (Any excuse to practice on my DSLR 😉 )

** Click on any of the photos to to open up a gallery and full-sized picture.


One thought on “# 10 – Football Tournament

  1. It looked like it was a fun event! Everytime I read your posts it makes me want to go out snapping with my camera! I used to play alot of football when I was younger and in school, admittedly I miss it now. Might join the lads from work when they play lol xXx

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