Yes, I am still running!

I know – it’s been ages since I posted anything about my running, other than to say that I’m not running due to some form of illness or otherwise 😦

BUT, that’s changing now… I recently posted about starting my venture which I have started with some training for a half marathon taking place on 20th March. And I’m very happy to report that the running is going full steam ahead!!!!

The past 9 days (basically the month of March so far), I’ve run on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th. Mostly short-ish runs (between 6km and 8km’s) but they’ve all felt really good.

I finally managed to complete a long run on the 7th – 13.8km’s. I won’t lie – I struggled a little bit between 7-10 km’s, but after that I found my wind again and pushed on home and loved the end of the run!

I’m certainly not expecting any PB’s on the 20th, nor am I even expecting a great time, but as long as I can finish feeling strong-ish, and under 2:20 then I’ll be happy 🙂





The next few days this week have runs scheduled as follows:

Tuesday morning – 10km

Wednesday – rest

Thursday morning – 8km

Friday morning – long run 14km

Saturday rest

And then it’s my taper week, which includes a sports massage on Tuesday evening!

Here’s to a (hopefully) decent race 🙂


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