Day 5 – B&W Photo Challenge; My kitties

The integration of cats has not gone quite according to plan in the new house… in fact it’s a bit of a disaster with Cliffy becoming so much the dominant male that he has literally scared off 2 of the 3 female cats 😦

We’ve taken to keeping him locked in my room 24/7, which I know is not ideal, however it completely trumps having to find him a new home. So for the next little while, while we wait for the 2 girls to hopefully return upon feeling safe, he lives in my room. Thankfully it’s a decent size room, and I think to myself that had I got a cat when I first moved to Dubai, living in my studio, that cat would have lived in a space only slightly larger than the room I’m in now.

Emmet is just the little friend-maker and seems to get on with everyone so at least he’s no stress at all πŸ™‚

But no matter what, these guys, especially Cliffy for the longest time, are my life savers and I think life would have been very different for me after my breakup if it weren’t for my 4-legged fur-friend, Cliffy ❀

My kitties


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