# 9 – Saw, 7

Well, after all the excitement and huge amount of new things tried last week, this week pales in comparison! However, I do have something new that happened, plus I’m going to throw in some cheeky “not quite new” items 😉

You’ve heard of the Saw movies, right? Well, we had our very own version of it in the house this week! JP brokJigsawe her arm a few weeks ago and has been itching to take the cast off for ages now… she’d even pondered taking it off in Nepal so that she could raft properly but, thank goodness, she decided to keep it on! Anyway, on Monday night she came home and declared “Right, this cast is coming off now!” and so N brought out a hacksaw, I found the camera, we opened a bottle of wine (to calm everyone’s nerves) and N set off cutting away at the cast.

It was nerve-wracking to say the least! But after lots of sawing, stopping, rubbing against skin, cutting, pulling and more cutting the cast finally CAME OFF! Only 10 days shy of what the Doctor ordered 🙂

OK, and now for my cheeky “not quite new” items…

  1.  I have once again started kickboxing, and I’m adamant that this time I will do it every 2 weeks 🙂
  2. I’ve started my “run every day” challenge (with a few sneaky breaks in for the half marathon on 20th March training)
  3. On my run yesterday evening I encountered the dreadful “must.have.toilet.NOW” affliction, which I’ve had before but was close to home so it wasn’t a problem… last night I was still over 2 km’s from home so had to find one ASAP! Luckily I was running at the local park and they have public toilets that I could run in and use 😳 Now I know to not eat biltong (or jerky) before a run!


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