Advice needed on cats – help, please!

It’s been one month since I moved house. I’ve settled in really well. Emmett Button has settled in well and is making friends with the other cats. Cliffy… well, he’s another story completely.

Let’s take a step back quickly and remember the kind of cat Cliffy was in my apartment…. scared of everything! I was the only person who could get close to him, if the doorbell rang he’d dart under the bed and stay hidden there until the doorbell ringer had left. He was even afraid of going out onto the balcony. He defined the saying “scaredy cat”.

But things are totally different now. Cliffy has become a right old meanie!!! I think he thinks that he is Lord Muck in the new house and it’s becoming a big problem 😦

He no longer allows the other 4 cats into the house – they are all scared of him. He’ll sit on the steps at the front door of the house and “guard” the entrance. The other male, Fifa, is one of the friendliest, brave cats that I know (he’s not even scared of a husky!), however he no longer comes into the house unless Cliffy is sleeping, or preferably, in my room.

We’ve taken to now locking Cliffy (and Emmett) in my room at night so that the other cats come into the house, and spend the night in Jess’ room with her (they’re all her cats).

But one of the cats has not been in the house in 10 days… she’ll be around the house and we see her in the garden, but not in the house at all.

Does anyone have any advice on how we can get Cliffy to stop being so mean to the other cats? How do we get him to be friends with the other cats? He’s the new one in the house yet he’s acting like he’s the King. There has to be something that we can do other than having to re-home him… that’s simply not an option that I want to have to consider.


** This is not Cliffy, nor is it my photo… I don’t have any new photos of Cliffy at the moment to add to this post.


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