It’s finally happened – I’ve started my challenge to run everyday 🙂

It’s only been 2 days, and to be honest I’m going to have a few cheeky rest days because I’m training for a half marathon taking place on 20 March but on those “rest” days I will do either kickboxing or an insanity workout. No more letting sickness, travels, or anything else stop me!


I’d hoped for an 8 km run yesterday but my mental distance calculator was a bit off and the route ended up being onl 7.73 km’s. Boo. But it was still a good run – expect for the 1st and last kilometres where I had to stand waiting for the traffic lights at the main road. Completely messed up my time 😦 You can see how my in-between km’s were all fairly consistent, and then the first was approx. 45 seconds slower than the rest… and the last one is about 1.5 minutes slower! Standing waiting at a traffic light/robot/signal.


Then today’s run was just a quick one around the block 🙂


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