# 5 – New house, new experiences

This past weekend was filled with new experiences for me as I move to a new house so I’m bundling 2 of them into this week’s 52 new things challenge… enjoy 🙂

1) Moving the cats

I had expected this to go a LOT smoother than it did, so I was quite freaked out when things didn’t go according to plan at all. I arrived home on Thursday evening and kept it as normal as possible so that the cats didn’t pick up on anything. At go time I walked into the bedroom expecting things to be a little bit stressful trying to get Cliffy into the cat carrier but lo and behold he was standing RIGHT NEXT TO IT so I went up to him, gave his head a little tickle and at the same time grabbed the scruff of his neck – and voila! Cat in cat carrier 🙂

I then thought that getting Emmett Button would be easy since he loves being picked up. But oh no, he was not going to make this easy for me! He saw the whole Cliffy action happen and immediately bolted under the bed. I then spent some time trying to get to him, remaining as calm as possible, but with each minute that ticked by I grew more stressed knowing that Cliffy is now stuck in the carrier while I attempt to catch Emmett. gggrgrrr. At one point I managed to grab hold of him, going for the scruff, but didn’t grab him tight enough and he flipped around scratching my arm to death 😦

cat - i has claws

Eventually I had to leave because I could not leave Cliffy stuck inside his carrier and there was no way I was letting him out.

So, Emmett was left alone while I took Cliffy up to the new villa.

About an hour after arriving there I just could not settle knowing that Emmett was back home on his own, so I hopped in my car and went back to the apartment – and was greeted by loves and cuddles! I decided to spend a few minutes sitting around with him on my lap, giving him loves, and then stood up, with him in my arms, and walked over to the cat carrier, grabbed the scruff of his neck and gently lowered him in. Easy peasy 🙂

2) First cat goes wandering!!!

The move on Friday went really well, much easier than I thought it would be. I had hired movers to come in and pack everything up, move some of it to storage and the balance to the new place. When they got to the new place I locked the cats in the bathroom while there was a lot of commotion going on with the offloading.

Once they had left I let the cats out into the room again to start feeling at home. I got myself ready for dinner and headed out for the night, locking both cats in the bedroom.

Fast forward to me being back at home, cats are all over me, giving me the usual cuddles in bed.

Fast forward to Saturday morning… I wake up and there’s only ONE cat in the room, Cliffy! I check the bathroom first, thinking that maybe I locked Emmett in there during the night. I check the walk-in cupboard. Still nothing. Something says to me “Pull back the curtain”… and what do you know – a hole in the mosquito wire mesh on the window!!! Bye bye kitten 😦

Unfortunately I/we didn’t have a huge amount of time to now go looking for the guy because I had to get JP to the doctor (broken arm, can’t drive).

Her and I were out and about for a few hours and when we walked back in the house there was little Emmett Button, hiding behind the couch 🙂 I got behind the couch too to pick him up, got him in my arms and next thing he sees the dog and freaks out again and is gone. Again.

I then have to leave again, but when I get back I decide to put the dog away in one of the rooms in the hope that Emmett Button will come back / out of hiding. I shut the door putting the dog away and I hear this cry… an Emmett Button cry! I turn around and there he is, sitting in the lounge looking at me 🙂 I promptly picked him up and took him to my room and locked him in there good and proper!


If only it was this easy!



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