Goodbye Dubai Marina!

I’m sitting in my lounge, typing up the last post that will come from Dubai Marina!

Yup, I’m moving out of the Marina… 2 fabulous years later and the time has finally come for me to say goodbye to the Marina and my gorgeous apartment here! I’ve lived pretty much my entire Dubai-existence in the Marina (there was the 2 months in JBR, and then 1.5-ish years on the Palm but the rest of my 7 years here has been in the Marina.)

And it’s almost exactly seven years since I arrived here. Seven years!!!!!!!!!!!


But, I’m moving on to greener pastures!

I’ll be moving into a villa with some friends – no more apartment-living for me, or my cats! They’ll have trees!!!! And there’s a swimming pool, and a big garden. And humans with whom I can interact with in the evenings… I’ll be able to have actual human conversations and not just meeeoooowwwww (although, don’t get me wrong, I love my cat-talk, and that won’t be stopping 😉 ) But there’s also now someone to look after my cats when I travel (not that I travel that much anymore since I’m no longer travelling for work). And my cats will also have new friends… there are 4 other cats in this house, and a dog. We’re going to be a nice full house.

So Dubai Marina, I bid you farewell, thanks for the fun!

(Photo courtesy Emaar)

(Photo courtesy Emaar)

Wish me luck for the cat/dog introductions!!!

Oh, and let’s not forget about when my cats bring me that first “present” that they’ve found outside for me!



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