15 days and counting…

… to the RAK Half Marathon!!!

It’s been 4 days since I’ve been allowed running again, and in those 4 days I’ve done 2 runs, and been sick for 1 day (spent more than half the day in bed sleeping, sweating the sickness out 😦 )

After spending Friday morning watching the marathon I was eager as a beaver to get out there and start pounding the pavement! Sunday morning went to work and started planning my run over in my head during the day. But, as the day wore on I could feel my throat starting to close up and my body starting to ache.

Should I run, I kept asking myself over and over.

In the end I decided that since I still had another 3 days in which to do the 2 planned runs, I’d rather hit the sack early, dose myself up and hopefully shake off any bugs that might be lurking.

Unfortunately though when I woke up on Monday morning I felt rotten… so bad that I almost called in sick (which is something that I never do). So, I crawled out of bed, threw some warm clothes on and headed to the office. By lunchtime I was a mess – red swollen eyes, couldn’t focus on anything for more than 10 seconds at a time and just feeling like a bus had ridden over me. So, off home I went, put on my warmest pj’s and climbed back into bed (snuggles from the cats!!!) and slept for a solid 4 hours!

When I woke up that evening I could feel that I was starting to shake this nastiness so I carried on chilling, keeping warm and dosing myself up.

And then Tuesday rolled around and I was feeling soooo much better. Not quite 100%, but well on the way to recovery, so I quickly put on my running shoes as soon as I got home and headed out the door for a short run just to get the blood pumping.

And then it was Wednesday and would you believe, I was back on the band wagon… bright and breezy as if I’d never been sick! So I packed my gear and headed out to the Dubai Autodrome after work for a slow and easy 10km (4 laps) run.


I might not be where I’d initially hoped to be at this point when I was planning on my sub-2:10 finish time, but I’m feeling strong enough all things considered that I’ve been off for 2 weeks and then got sick for 2-ish days.

RAK half marathon – I’m (almost) ready for you!



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