Film Makers Night – Dubai

This past Thursday night I was invited to attend a Film Makers night – a night dedicated to anyone in film, from producers and directors to screen writers and actors.

film makers night

The best part about the night was that one of the short films being screened (Mariam’s Chance) was a short film made by a friend of mine, Hanadi 🙂

The screening took place at the Dubai Moving Images Museum in Tecom. A small, but intimate get-together to showcase the talents that Dubai has in the film industry.

Prior to the screening there was a little buffet of snacks and nibbles put out – a great networking opportunity for everyone attending. Following that, guest speaker David Kang shared some of his experiences and knowledge of the industry with us. And then on to the main feature of the night – the 2 short films. Mariam’s Chance was screened first, followed by Scrambled which was produced by Hashmic House Films.

I won’t ruin either of the films for you, but they were both fantastic. Very different, but shared one main concept – there was only 1 person as the main focus of the film.

The Dubai Moving Images Museum houses collectors pieces of film equipment dating back to the 1800’s! It was a very impressive collection, and we were fortunate to meet the owner of most of the items in the collection, who shared a few minutes with us at the start of the night.


A little bit of publicity for Hanadi – she’s recently started up her own production company and does everything from corporate photography and corporate videos to event coverage, TV commercials and training videos. If you need anything done, why not give them a call?! Reel Arab Productions




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