2 week break

Well this is not going to be the happiest of posts I’ve ever done….

I unfortunately have to take a 2-week break from running for health reasons 😥 I won’t bore you with the details, but fear not – it’s nothing serious!

However, running is a big no-no for 2 weeks from today, which kinda messes up my RAK half marathon training as I should be going into week 4, halfway through my training. And missing 2 weeks now means that I’ll only be able to start running again at the start of week 6, just 3 weeks until the race – and probably won’t be able to go out there and pick up exactly where I left off last week 😦

So, my hopes of breaking 2:10 in the race are slightly cloudy – but I am going to do my best and will pick up the training again as much as possible after these 2 weeks and will then just do what I can on the day. Walking is allowed so I’ll just go for a bunch of long walks (along the beach, maybe?!) and at least keep up some of my fitness.

After the race I have my daily run to look forward to (as part of my 2015 challenges) so I know that my running will get a lot stronger in 2015 – let’s see where it gets me in the 2016 half marathon 😉


5 thoughts on “2 week break

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