Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

It’s that time of week again – the weekly photo challenge has come out, and for a change this week I’ve decided to take photos specifically for the challenge and not go through my archives.

The biggest reason for this is because I’ve just bought my first proper DSLR camera 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve started with an entry-level guy… didn’t want to go too big on my first one, but after having it for only 24 hours I can already tell that I want bigger and better lenses to go with it! These things are fun! I looked at quite a few options, limiting myself to either Nikon or Canon. I spent over an hour in the store with the sales lady, looking at all the different options, asking her a million questions and finally settled on the Canon EOS100. There will be LOTS of photos taken with this baby – just playing around today I’ve taken over 100 photos 😉

So, this week’s challenge is shadowed… either capturing actual shadows or playing with light. I had initially thought that I’d take photos of shadows of my cats, but while messing about with the camera I took these 2 pearlers and thought they’d do well for the challenge…

"Aaaaah, giving Cliffy a little head rub"

“Aaaaah, giving Cliffy a little head rub”

"Hey, come back here!!!!"

“Hey, come back here!!!!”

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