# 1 – RAK 2015 training update

I’ve been pretty dismal this year at keeping everyone informed of my weekly training, even though we are only 3 weeks into it.

But I’m happy to report that although I’ve not been following the training program to the T, I have been very close to it, even with Christmas and Birthday/ New Year celebrations thrown in the mix.

I’m doubling this post up by giving you some details of a few of my runs recently, and also starting off the 52 new things challenge – week one is running in a new location… Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

So, I’ll start off with my “new run”

I loved this run! It had so many different aspects to it, definitely the type of run I’d like to be doing more often to keep things a bit interesting… although it did have one downfall – running on concrete slabs the whole way, instead of bricks / tarred roads was quite demanding on the feet and by the end of the run my right foot was so numb and tingly that I had to cut my run short by about 3km’s. Total bummer because I was feeling soooo good, but didn’t want to risk any injuries, especially since I had another 45 min run scheduled for the following evening.

But the bad aside – the good most certainly outweighed the bad on this run! In order to get to Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) from my house, I have to run across the metro that stretches across Sheikh Zayed Road… this means running up approximately 30 stairs, and down the other side (and then doing the same thing on the way back). Then I got to add in a bit of track running because they’ve got running track along a big section of JLT, and on top of that I got to add in some actual hill running – getting from one side of JLT to the other, crossing the main road, they have built a pedestrian bridge across the road… and they’ve paved this with running track, and it’s not stairs to get up and down, oh no. It’s a ramp which is pretty much a hill when you’re running up and then down the other side (and repeat on the way back).

And then to top it off, once I’d finished my run I had a notification from endomondo that I’d just run my fastest km time ever – a time of 3:21 which is 28 seconds off my previous best time 🙂


And here are a few other mentionable runs that I’ve done since just before Christmas… RAK half marathon is only 36 days away so time is catching up with me FAST!

This was one of my favourite runs recently - excellent pace and minimal effort :)

This was one of my favourite runs recently – excellent pace and minimal effort 🙂

A short run just to get one in before the new year madness

A short run just to get one in before the new year madness

For the next run I was just messing around a little bit… I headed out and did 15 minutes of a slow and steady pace, then picked it up a fair bit for 3 minutes. From there I started playing with effort whereby running hard for a minute or so, and then walking for between 30 seconds and a minute. I also tried to mix up my footfalls to see how much difference it had on my running – trying to land forefoot instead of middle, and also trying to pick up my feet a bit higher to see if that made any difference. I did this for about 12 minutes, then did the last 10-or-so minutes of the run at a slow and steady pace again. It was hard work, but good fun.



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