Dubai Desert Road Run – December 2014

Another first-time run in this race for me – I’ve known about the Desert Road Run for ages, just never got around to actually entering any of the races… but that’s now changed!

Yesterday was a fabulously chilled day on the couch with friends watching movies, followed by an early night (bed by 9:30pm) in order to be ready for the race this morning. Unfortunately I got woken up a few times by the naughty cats so I didn’t have a completely restful sleep, but hey, I got in some really good hours.

Made my usual egg-mayo sandwich (ok it was on a roll this morning) and headed off for the Sevens Stadium.

It was fairly quiet when I arrived – it’s great entering these smaller races not having to fight off thousands of other runners on the course. I think there must have been approximately 100 runners or so… nice and small 🙂

The course was just within the grounds of the Stadium – a 2-lap run of a 5 km route… very flat except for a small hill just after km’s 1 and 6… and rather boring scenery. But a decent run nonetheless.

The course was well-marked within the grounds, and once out on the road it was easy to know where to go and there were plenty of water stations with volunteers handing out cups of cold water. I always get a bit upset when the water stations, or any spectators don’t cheer anyone on, and that happened in this race, but the race itself was good, well-organised and not a bad course to run. Number pick-up in the morning was quick and smooth, and they kept us well-enough informed in the few days leading up to the race.

The gun went off at 7:30am, I was somewhere near the back of the pack, and slowly started moving towards the middle as I passed people here and there. I went out feeling decent, but after the first 4km’s or so I started feeling quite tired and had to really force myself to keep going. First lap done in a decent time so I was happy, but then knew that I was only halfway 😦 Keep pushing!

By the time I got up the hill after the 6th kilometre I was really starting to feel drained and had to really dig deep to find some energy to keep going. I had a quick walk just after the 7th km of about 100m, and then picked up again, and from there I was pretty comfortable, managing to end the race with a decent dash for the finish line from about 100m out, and finishing in a respectable time of about 56:30** 🙂

** Still waiting for the official results to be posted… my watch said 56:22 and my endomondo said 56:35 (for a distance of only 9.97 km’s, not 10k)



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