Happy National Day – 9km

I went out for a little 9km run this evening – in fact, when I headed out the door I wasn’t quite sure if it would be 9kms, but that’s what it ended up being. Anyway, I headed out the door, had a rough idea of where I wanted to run (around the marina) in my head and off I went.

For tonight’s run I tested out eating a few m&m’s before leaving the house. I’ve written before about testing out different “energy” suppliers for my longer runs, and m&m’s were one of them… but after tonight’s run I doubt they will be. Not that they did anything bad to me – no tummy side effects whatsoever, and in fact it was weird that I only needed a sip of water pocari sweat around 4km’s, whereas I normally drink around 2.5km’s, but I just don’t think that they would work.

So there I was, running along the marina walk – the first 4km’s were fairly quiet as I was running in the not-so-busy “bottom” area, but as I came up to mall and then beyond, boy did it change!

Kids running around, playing, chasing each other, magically not getting in my way (much) and the most Emirati’s I have EVER seen walking around the marina in one go. It was fabulous! (Even more fabulous because I didn’t have to play dodge-em’s with most of the kids!!)

Of course the reason for this is because it is the UAE’s 43rd National day (week-long) celebrations… and it was great to see everyone out and about enjoying the weather, enjoying the public areas that they are spending sooo much money on developing (I passed a signboard that read “7km’s of landscaped public walkways”)

So my round-about post tonight is to throw in a quick little run post (coz that’s largely what this blog is actually about 😉 ) and then to wish the UAE a fabulously happy 43rd National Day – I am so very proud to call this my home for the past 7 years, and for who knows how many more years to come!



3 thoughts on “Happy National Day – 9km

  1. Presidente UAE principe UAE e Primo ministro i politici italiani/uniine Europea vi hanno dato gli incentivi per fare gli imprenditori?
    Ermelinda Mangiavini


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