Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon 2014

This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, I participated in my first ever triathlon – the Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon held at Jebel Ali Golf Resort. Unfortunately I cannot say that I completed the triathlon on my own (doubt that’ll ever happen) but I did participate as part of a team, and loved it!

My company entered 3 teams into the triathlon, and I signed up for running on one of the teams (obviously!) and organised the whole thing for the office from completing the online registrations to arranging what time to meet to (attempting) to pick up everyone’s race packs on the morning and hand out the necessary equipment. However, on the morning each team needed one member to sign the waiver in order to collect the race pack so I was only able to collect one, my friend (who drove with me, also competing on one of our teams) collected another, and when one of the other teams arrived they collected the last pack.

Arriving in the dark, before the sun went up, was not fun – but I’ve become quite accustomed to that at all races that I take part in these days. But do not ask me to be a morning person, EVER!

I digress.

I was a bit disappointed in the organisation of the event so early in the morning… it’s dark so it’s already difficult to see what is going on, but they did not help matters much as there were no signs, or any assistance from event organisers telling people what to do, where to be, etc. And since most of us were first-time participants it caused a bit of confusion. Well, we persisted (mostly by following what everyone else was doing) and eventually got ourselves down to the race briefing on time, and as ready as our pre-race nerves would allow (these may have been a little on edge because we had 1 team member missing from one of the teams – the swimmer… and of course, swimming is the first leg of the race!)

Anyway, missing team mate arrived before the races actually started, so we were able to get his race chip to him, race number written on his arm, and point him in the right direction for the start line 🙂 Score!

The non-swimmers headed back to the transition area and started warming up, hanging around chatting a bit and generally getting ready for the swimmers to come through and hand over the proverbial baton to the cyclists for the second leg of the race.

06:50 our swimmers were off for their 750m swim and 175m run (to the transition area) while the cyclists and runners waited, warming up and preparing for their leg(s) of the race.

Not long after 7am our first 2 swimmers from team 1 & 2 (Dayne & Teresa) were through, handing over the reins to the cyclists (Ross and Bosco respectively) to head out for their 20km cycle… leaving the runners to continue warming up and watching out for team 3’s swimmer, Dave.

Shortly after that Dave came through and handed over to team 3 cyclist, Yusuf, riding out to catch the first 2.

Approximately half an hour later we saw the cyclists start coming in – team 1 cyclist (Ross) arrives and hands over to team 1 runner (me!) and I head out on the 5km run…. followed not-too-far behind by team 3 cyclist, Yusuf, who hands over to his running team mate, Ewan.

Team 2 cyclist, Bosco, came in towards the end of the cycle period and handed over to our running demon, Lil, who was hoping to complete the 5km’s in 19 minutes or less! Unfortunately due to some confusion he only completed 1 lap of the 2 lap course so his time looks like he flew around the 5km course.

The run was (mostly) on sand which was not fun and we all thought that it was a bit of a tough call for athletes who have swum and cycled now need to run on a sand course… but most people seemed to fly past me so they couldn’t have been complaining too much 😉 I was a little concerned about how my knee would fare up against the sand as I’ve had negative reactions in the past… but it worked out fine, and in fact it seemed to have helped the little niggle I’d been having for the previous 2 days 🙂

After the morning’s minor disorganisation the event turned out really well and was followed by a delicious breakfast put on by the hotel. Again here the organisation (layout really) of the buffet was not great as the queue took forever because they put the eggs before the rest of the food, but the food was worth the wait 🙂

Overall I say this was a successful event and would love to participate again – definitely aiming for a better time in my 5km!

10 338 TEAM RLB1    15:06.4      1:00.2     37:53.4      0:56.9     31:48.8   1:26:45.9
12 339 TEAM RLB2    14:58.0      0:57.3   1:00:29.2      0:47.5     10:47.7   1:27:59.9
16 341 TEAM RLB3    19:33.9      0:45.7     47:28.9      0:37.8     25:29.9   1:33:56.4



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