A bit of running news

Since this blog is largely centred around my running I thought that I should probably post about running again!

I haven’t done the hugest amount of running recently because:

  1. I was in South Africa for 3 weeks (I tried a few runs – will blog on those soon)
  2. I then got ill with a nasty cough for just over a week and stayed off the roads

But, the above are no longer factors in my not running and therefore I have been getting out there slightly… it’s still a bit warm here but the temperatures are definitely cooling down!

Runs I have to look forward to this month:

  1. Roy Nasr Memorial Triathlon on 18 October – my work has entered 3 teams into the whole event and I’m running the 5km’s in one of the teams
  2. 10-mile race on 31 October – I am very nervous for this race already because I know that I am far behind in my training and my fitness level is not where it should be in order to run a 16km (ish) race in 2 weeks time… but we will see what happens!
  3. Contagion run on 31 October – this race takes place at 4pm so I’ll have the whole day to rest and nap. There’s also not a huge amount of running expected for the zombies, which is what I have registered as.

See you at the finish line with full blog updates on each event 🙂


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