A challenge… in a chamber

A couple of months back a group of us went to HintHunt Dubai to try out new things to do in Dubai. Not long after that we heard of a similar type of activity, Challenge Chambers, that we had to try out.

Now, it’s true – these 2 activities are very similar in nature, and the concept is the same – get locked in a room for an hour and try work your way out by using clues that you crack.

BUT, they are also very different!

Where Hint Hunt offers us one type of puzzle, Challenge Chambers offers 3 different types!

They’ve got the 30-minute room – a “teaser” for the game and then the Mystery Challenge and Escape Challenge rooms – 1 hour rooms, each with a different story.

We couldn’t settle for only one of the stories, so we did both of the 1-hour rooms (on 2 different days)… and although I won’t say much about the game (as I’d hate to ruin it for you), I will say this: Challenge Chambers is an excellent way to spend an hour of your life, trapped inside a room (it’s even safe for claustrophobics – we had one with us!) working your brain and solving puzzles that are normally kept for CSI detectives 😉

Challenge Chambers’ hostess brings an added touch of excitement to the start of the game as she explains the rules and basic concept to you… but you’ll have to go see for yourself what I mean! Go on, bring out that Jessica Fletcher and Magnum PI in you!!

Challenge Chambers, Sunset Mall, Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, tel: +971 50 2560587


Challenge Chambers

Challenge Chambers


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