A shorter run and an icebucketchallenge

Today’s run was planned as a shorter 5km run but with the aim of getting my times up slightly and pushing through the whole way – even in the high temps.

Ok, so that’s the run part… what about the icebucketchallenge? Well, as everyone who is on Facebook will know, the ALSicebucketchallenge has been doing the rounds for a few weeks or so now and it involves pouring a bucket of ice water over your head in support of the motor neuron disease ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). The idea is that once you have been nominated you have 24 hours to take the challenge (regardless of how cold it is where you are 😉 ), or donate towards the Association (or both).

And how do these 2 tie together?

Well, last night I got nominated by my friend JP so I thought that doing the challenge after a run would be an excellent way to cool down!! Something to look forward to after the run, and maybe even push me through a bit more!

So, the run. The temps are dropping slightly as well as the humidity but it’s going to take probably another month or so to really notice the difference… My goal for tonight’s 5km run was to complete it in 32 minutes or less. And you know what? I did it in 31:55! I won’t lie to you – it was still tough but I was able to push through and complete the entire run, with my fastest km being the last one!


And then I came home and set myself up for my ice bucket challenge, and donated towards the cause too 🙂



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