Simple sausage

Looking for something quick and easy to eat for dinner tonight? Don’t have much in the fridge / freezer?

Well, you’ve come across the right blog post then!

I’m all about simple and easy dishes because a) I’m lazy, b) cooking huge meals for one sucks, c) I’m not very good at coming up with dishes and remembering to always check a recipe book before leaving work in order to buy the ingredients on my way home also sucks.

So, once again I scoured though my fridge and freezer one evening in an attempt to find something a bit more creative than pasta, and more exciting than 2 minute noodles or egg on toast. And after only a short scratch through my things I found some Italian sausages in the freezer, 2 x half capsicums (1 red, 1 yellow), half a tin of corn and half a tin of mushrooms in the fridge and a potato that needed to be eaten. Sausages and mash would be for dinner!

Now, I know you’re thinking that anybody can make this dish – and you’d be right! But I thought I’d share my little gravy creation that I came up with, and my mash recipe that I’m developing and getting better at every time… when I first made mash I had to google how to do it. We’ve all gotta start somewhere and one day someone fresh out of home might stumble across this and be inspired to make this amazing, delicious yet oh-so-simple meal for their dinner too 🙂

So, I get my ingredients all ready (no photos – I really need to get better at taking photos during preparation!) by peeling my potato and cutting it into chunks and placing it in a pot of (almost) boiling water. While that begins to boil away I chop up the capsicums and mushrooms and throw them and the corn into a frying pan with a dash of olive oil. I fry these babies up for a few minutes and then take them out the pan and leave them off to the side while I fry up the sausage. Once the potato is soft I drain the water and take off the stove to start mashing it all up. I throw in a little bit of milk, and my secret ingredients of aromat and mayonnaise*

mayonnaise     aromat

* DISCLAIMER – the mayonnaise idea was actually from a friend, but these ingredients together are my idea… and sometimes I add in a little bit of hot english mustard too. (I always put hot english mustard on my mash when I eat it at a restaurant – well, when they have hot english mustard anyway.)

I digress.

I mash away until it becomes a creamy consistency, adding more milk if needed. It’s not quite creamy and smooth yet, but it definitely is getting better each time I have it!

Then finally just before the sausages are done, and while I’m mashing up the potato, I make some gravy (just the boring box-type Bisto stuff) and mix that up, and add in the fried up capsicums, mushrooms and corn.

Had to add in this crazy picture that I found when googling for Bisto

Had to add in this crazy picture that I found when googling for Bisto

Once the sausages are done I dish everything up and pour that yummy gravy over and sit back and enjoy every bite of my meal!

sausages and mash

sausages and mash


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