On fire!

I wish I could say it was my running that was on fire, but alas, that post is not going to say that.

Instead it is going to show you the boat that was on fire in the Marina this evening!

On my way home this evening I got a call from a friend asking me if I was home because there was a boat on fire near my apartment and I should go have a look (he lives nearby and I assumed he was at home able to see this from his balcony.) Anyway, I was not at home, but I did pass by the scene while driving home so decided to stop and see the action… boy was it scary to watch this boat burn down in front of me! And HOT!!

Here’s a newspaper report released not long after the accident.





However, I would like to still share my run from this evening with you!

It may not have been on fire in any way, but man was it enjoyable! Once again I took it really easy knowing that I am totally unable to handle this heat at the moment… and the voices inside my head decided to stop working tonight for some reason so I had just myself to keep guessing what pace I was running at. And I’m fairly pleased with the outcome!

My plan was to run 7km’s so I planned my route so that I would end up sort of in front of where the boat burnt down so that I could get some after photos of the destruction. I started off nice and slow, and by my judge I kept to that pace, feeling really strong the whole way. By the time I got to 5km’s I knew that I’d make the 7km’s without stopping and was really happy with this, especially after last week’s failed run.

BUT. There’s always one 😦 There was security standing around the boat scene and he stopped me, and totally ruined my groove so I called my run short at 5.3km’s. Boo. Boo to not finishing the run and Boo to not getting any after photos!

Another slow run

Another slow run

****** UPDATE ******

A few photos I took a few days after the fire.




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