Oh Captain, my Captain

I never blog about current affairs, celebrity gossip or the like, but today is different.

Dead Poet’s Society is probably my favourite and most-loved movie of all time, even after studying it to death at school. So to wake up this morning and read all over Facebook that Robin Williams was found dead in his apartment saddens me greatly 😥 He may not have been my favourite actor, but I have seen most of his movies and have enjoyed all of them that I have seen.

The (probable) cause of death hits home a little too much – you never know what other people are going through, no matter how much you think you know them. Suicide is… well, I just don’t know how to describe the way it makes those of us left behind feel.

My thoughts are with his family now in this difficult time, and going forward.

R.I.P Robin Williams



2 thoughts on “Oh Captain, my Captain

  1. It is difficult to imagine the depths of despair and darkness you have to reach to even consider taking your own life. Like many ‘funny’ people, Robin Williams has struggled with depression his entire life – seems incongruous when on the surface he always appeared so happy (and hilarious).So very tragic


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