Running season is on the way…

… well, for me that is!

I’m not quite as hard core as some of the other runners out there who have braved these ridiculous temperatures during the summer so far. I have tried to keep myself busy by going to the gym, although it hasn’t happened as often as I’d have liked 😦 And with the new job where I no longer have a gym onsite that I get to use during office hours, it has meant having to get used to going to the gym before (I’m not a morning person!) or after work… which then cuts into my beer social time. harumph.


The temperatures are dropping slightly this week and so it is time for me to lace up my shoes and hit the pavements! I have already registered for 2 races this coming season – my ever-faithful RAK half marathon in Feb, and then a race that I’ve never done before, a 10-miler in October. Of course there’ll also be a bunch more in between those two 🙂

And then!

The Color Run is hitting the streets (racetrack) of Dubai again… once again to be held at the Dubai Autodrome on 29th November. This is a run I will not miss, even though it is the only run I do not take seriously at all. Here’s my Color Run from last year.

I guess it’s time to start seeing you on the roads 🙂


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