Glow in the dark golf!

Last week we got a group of friends together for our 3rd Ramadan activity, this time heading up to Wafi Mall to try out Tee & Putt, glow in the dark mini golf!!!!

We were a group of about 12 people so we split ourselves up into smaller groups to go around the course – some starting from the beginning, some starting from the back and some starting somewhere in between. The bigger the group, the longer they took, but after haggling for the price (we confused the poor girl at the front desk as we had a few Entertainer vouchers that we wanted to put towards the cost and then split the price per person as opposed to having some people play free) we eventually started about 15 minutes late and it took the slowest group just shy of an hour to get around the 18 holes.

Ok, I must admit that there was probably a fair amount of procrastination laughing, acting silly buggers going on which would have greatly delayed the time… but boy was it fun! Amazing how we can still be so amused as adults 😉

Some of the holes require some serious concentration and skill luck to get the ball in the hole (there were a few holes-in-one among our group 🙂 ) but overall the holes are easy enough that kids young and old can play.

I definitely recommend this as an outing to get out of the house during summer and escape the heat! It’s right next to the food court so a quick bite to eat after or before is a fun way to extend the day’s outing. They take bookings online for groups of 15+, otherwise you can just arrive on the day and pay to play.

Tee & putt – 04 357 3290, Wafi Mall, Dubai

tee and putt     

alien     feet

11th hole     golf course


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