Hi from Cliffy

Cliffy and I have recently spent an abnormal amount of time together… and it’s been great!

I had to spend 2 weeks working from home for a bunch of reasons, so of course this meant spending loads of time with him 🙂 It was great getting up in the mornings, dragging myself to my laptop and sitting there all day in PJ’s or gym clothes (I was working!!!) and having my little guy meow around my feet, jump up behind me on the chair and cuddle, or just be around me all day.

One of his favourite spots that he developed was of course right in front of me, across the laptop! Being a relatively new cat owner I was not too familiar with this until I came across this post on kittens writing – although he’s no longer much of a kitten, this was certainly almost exactly how he was acting 😉

And here he is trying to share my lunch with me one day… not that he ever actually eats anything of the human food variety!

And the other reason we’ve spent so much time together lately is that we’ve just finished a 5-day weekend… it was Eid al Fitr which is the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan (feast of breaking the fast). This means life goes back to “normal” in Dubai now (not that much changed other than no eating / drinking in public and no live music… and a few other things 😉 ).

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!

Eid Mubarak

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