HintHunt in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, follow clues to solve mysteries, be locked in a room with 4 friends, and watch the clock count down from 60 minutes while you tear your hair out trying to make it out of said locked room???

If you said yes (or even no, really) to any of the above then you need to head over to HintHunt at Times Square in Dubai. Really, you said no? I promise you’ll be sorry if you don’t go!

They take groups of 3-5 people in each room; we were a group of 9 so got split into teams of 5 and 4. Knowing absolutely nothing about how this concept works, we all arrived bubbling with excitement and a million questions. But alas, they tell you very little on arrival – it all adds to the excitement and tension when entering the room that you’ll be locked in for the next 60 minutes.

Because I dare not ruin it for anyone else, all I will say is that the idea is to find clues and solve riddles in order to get yourself out of the room within the 60 minutes. Sounds easy! But these guys have done such an excellent job on hiding these clues that you will definitely get your money’s worth for that hour.

You need to bring a clear head, some creativity and definitely a whole whack of excitement!

Currently they have only one type of room available, but there are more being planned and tested, due to be opened up to us by the end of this year. We’ll be back there for the next rooms – will you be??

They don’t allow any photos to be taken so I could only get a group shot of us after the game… we stayed on the hype for hours afterwards 🙂


HintHunt – Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, +971 4 3212242, info@hinthunt.ae




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